Note from a Thai friend about His Majesty The King:


Note from a Thai friend about His Majesty The King:


“King Bhumibol decided to stay with his people in 1967. Since then his majesty went aboard only once to Laos 2 days with Queen and Princess Sirinthorn in 1994, after 30 years that he put his foot only on Thai soil. His name means soil’s people. King’s mother gave him the most meaningful and beautiful. She must be a very smart lady and a good mother. King and King Rama IIX were good brothers. The day that he lost his brother is the day that he became a King. And he said “I only hoped that I could follow my big brother everywhere in everyday of my life. Never want to be King. It’s a written fortune.”

“He visited 27 countries from 1959-1967.

“King shows us the best love and caring that any King could give to his people.”

Note from Michael Yon: One thing I greatly like about King Bhumibol is that we do not see him carrying guns or talking violence. He used to carry a camera, and you know I love photography. I could not figure out if King Bhumibol liked Nikon or Canon more. He was seen with both on many occasions. (Nikon and Canon both are incredible — either is a winning choice.)

I wonder what King Bhumibol thinks of new digital cameras. Old film actually can still be better in many circumstances. I bet that His Majesty would still prefer film to digital.

The King’s daughter Princess Sirindhorn is also an excellent photographer. I have looked closely at her work. It is worthy of exhibition on its own merits. She is strong behind the camera.

Long Live the King!

(He was born in the USA!)


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