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Magazine “Time” magazine, the richness of the world. Special Issue Celebrating the 60th year after the magazine was released in November 2006 (2549) to compile rankings of Asian heroes in the “60 Years of Asian Heroes” in honor of Asian people is 64 people in five roles. The author, artist and thinker. Business leaders. Athletes and adventurers. And an inspiration.

For people who have been regarded as an inspiration. (Inspirations) that there were 14 people including the Tibetan Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa and Aung San Suu Kyi’s fight for the democratization of Myanmar. Be true in a national role as Bruce Lee was hailed as a sportsman and adventurer.

It is desirable for the Thai people. The one person who has been honored in this magazine, “Time,” a tribute to the King. The role of the inspiration. (Inspirations) by the Times said. He was the king’s reign, the longest in the world. He used the prestige of Rachtrrm guide Thailand through many crisis.

During the past 60 years or more after the Throne. He seemed to be the works of more than 3,000 projects are all projects that help poor people to have better lives. He helps people in remote rural areas. Even if it is a communist or a terrorist.

Time is a testament to that. King is the soul of the Thai people truly Especially when the political crisis in Thailand The only event in October 1973 (2516) and May 1992, Tamil (2535) He has a critical role in resolving the crisis down. Even the most recent coup on September 19, 2006 (2549) Thais believe that the King is committed to the reform, restoring sovereignty to the people that have pledged to the King. All the problems of the country through the glory of Him.

He also suggested several times in silence. And sometimes, he should openly. To highlight the government to take into account the public interest and responsible behavior with regard to the first. The Time article also noted. King held the lofty status as beloved throughout his 60 year reign. While many countries. In Southeast Asia, and the monarchy abolished. Some of the kings and princes is to reduce his power. Some were driven to house refugees. Or were executed. In contrast to the royal status of the King of Thailand and has been highly praised ever since.

Magazine, “Time,” a tribute to him, he said. When His Majesty the King ascended the throne as a young king of Thailand. At age 18 is the age of King Ananda Mahidol. Who died suddenly. Many media agencies, including the Time. Magazine launched in Asia at that time. He asked. He will be ruling the country in the midst of political turmoil. The mystery of the incident or not.

Question of the Time magazine has been proved to be proven that His Majesty the King is not any monarch in the world will be like that. He has served as a king. It is a center of love and faith of the people truly The country is governed by moral principles as a guide. Various royal duties. Many of the entire population to become a model followed by him. We are all confident that the good deeds of the King. The way to true happiness of life is sustainable. The New Time magazine is wrong to glorify God Joe was the person who should be regarded as an inspiration. (Inspirations) of Asia at this time.

Time Magazine May 27 1966 A Monarchy Fights for Freedom The King & Queen of Thailand


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