His Majesty the King Who Is “More Than a Monarch”



His Majesty the King Who Is “More Than a Monarch”

People of the whole nation join the national celebrations on the auspicious occasion of the birthday anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 5 December.

The day is also observed as Thailand’s National Day and National Father’s Day. Thai people celebrate this auspicious occasion on a grand scale to show gratitude to their beloved King, who is “more than a monarch.”

Each year on His Majesty’s birthday, festivities are held throughout the Kingdom; lights decorate households, government offices, public places, and private companies everywhere. The love, respect, homage, and joy pouring forth from Thai people to honor His Majesty are wonderful to see. One of the activities as a tribute to His Majesty on his birthday is a candle-lit, tribute-paying ceremony, which takes place across the country.

His Majesty the King once said that his happiness would come about when the country has prosperity, stability, and normalcy. He pointed out that the country would return to normalcy, and prosperity and stability would be achieved when people of all groups perform their duties with mindfulness, wisdom, honesty, and sincerity, while focusing on the public interest for the sake of the country as a whole.

From the day His Majesty the King ascended the throne as King Rama IX, on 9 June 1946, to the present day, the words have not been found that can describe his immense kindness and compassion toward his subjects. His Majesty has ceaselessly devoted himself to the improvement of the livelihood of the people. He is regarded as the symbol of unity and social harmony in Thai society.

His Majesty has righteously exercised his role under the democratic system and has also strictly abided by the Constitution. He does not appear to desire a political role for himself, but in times of crisis, people have always turned to him. Over the years of his reign, the political ups and downs of democracy have shown him to be a stabilizing force that the nation can look up to and rely on.

It is clear that His Majesty has his watchful eyes on all happenings in the country, because Thai people are foremost in his mind. He also reckons that the people of Thailand have always looked up to their King in times of trouble. All the remarks, addresses, and speeches delivered by His Majesty reach his target audiences, and make up textbooks to be studied in various aspects at all levels, not just because of their rhetorical perfection, but as indications of his visions and activities, carefully thought out and put into practice by His Majesty himself as an example set for the people.

With his wide-ranging talents, he has been presented with many titles, such as the Teacher of the Land, the Father of Development Work, the Father of Thai Crafts Standards, the Father of Royal Rainmaking, and the Supreme Artist.

His Majesty the King commands great love and respect among his subjects. His birthday is regarded as a very significant day in Thailand.


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