Must fight against the US and the UN


By Vasit Dejkunjorn

I am not quite surprised to hear that, Mrs. Kristie Kenny, the US ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, and Mrs. (or Miss)Ravini Shamdasani, the spokesperson of the Governor-General for the UN Human Rights Office, critically expressed their opinions regarding the case of Mr. Ampon Tungnopkhun being sentenced for 20 years in jail in the charge of lese-majesty.

In the case of Mrs. Kenny, I am not surprised because I used to study in a university in the US. I used to have and still have several American friends some of which being like more than my family members.

Moreover, I know a number of Americans to know that there are a number of Americans who know and understand very little about people of other countries despite the fact that some of them are high educated,

for instance, Mrs. Kenny, the current US ambassador. According to her background, she received a Bachelor’s degree from Clemson University and a Master’s degree (in Latin-American Studies) from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. She also studied in National War College which is equivalent to the National Defence College of Thailand.

But I don’t know how much intensive the courses in foreign country studies, especially countries in the south-eastern part, are in those three universities she studied. And whether or not they are sufficient for her to realise that the feelings of Thai people for their King are totally different from the feelings of Americans have for their president.

Having had a look at working experience of Mrs. Kenny and known that she used to work only in countries in Europe and South America as well as in the Philippines, I assume that she may have no chance to learn and understand the real Thailand and Thais. For Mrs.Shamdasani, I couldn’t find information about her background. It appears only that she is a human rights activist. She has a young, Indonesian- or Malaysian-like face. Nevertheless, both Mrs. Kenny and Mrs. Shamdasani might not know that Thailand kings are chosen by succession to the throne, not by an election that allows one to stay in power for 4 years like the US president. What is more important is that the King is an institute that is a centre of all Thais and is a warrant for the continuity of the regime which has existed for more than 700 years.

I also believe that both Mrs. Kenny and Mrs. Shamdasani may have little knowledge about Thai criminal law otherwise they would have known that criminal offence to the King is not an offence to an individual but an offence to the stability of the Kingdom. Every Thai constitution legislates that the King is respected and must not be offended. Not having realised this fact,

both of them, therefore, expressed their views and criticised the litigation and judgement of Thai Court for not in line with international standard regarding the freedom of speech and expression and for breaching the international agreement of human rights. They continued to request the change in Thai criminal law regarding lese-majesty.

Via this article, I would like to inform the US embassy to the Kingdom of Thailand and the UN Human Rights Office that I do understand what rights one deserves and I do understand that everyone is also obliged to their duties for one another, for society and their own country.

Defamation, insulting, humiliation, or cursing to someone else’s beloved person is a way to exploit one’s right beyond a acceptable limit and to disobey or betray a duty of a human being. Especially, in Thailand where a monarch is highly revered and respected by Thai people, such behaviour is regarded as heavily bad sin and Thais cannot forgive.

It is noticeable that the action of both Mrs. Kenny and Mrs. Shamdasani happened while the defamation of His Majesty the King on several web sites was taking place wildly. It seems that both the US embassy and the UN Human Rights Office neither know nor see those web sites. Nor did any of the US embassy officers report to their ambassador. Or is it an intention of the US ambassador and the UN High Commissioner to join this movement?

Currently, there is a group of betrayal Thais trying to destroy our democratic regime with monarch. If the US and/or the UN agree with or support these people, please be informed that a large number of Thais who are loyalists are ready to fight back both the US and the UN.



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